To put it bluntly Snowman Burle is torqued and his holiday spirit has just disappeared. The Shredheads and their friends are always destroying his home chasing away his wildlife friends. Those irreverent punks even took his carrot nose and put it...well we won't talk about that! Anyway with your help Burle is going to fight back. he and his beaver buddies have set up their snowball ambush just outside the little hoodlums favorite recreation spot: half-pipe Hill. Dodging snowballs and candy wrappers thrown back at him, help Burle hurl his barrage at the ruffians, with righteous indigantion of course! Burle advances to more difficult levels when he gets enough Beaver Brownie points. And when it gets a little to overwhelming Burle knows he can count his secret weapon to wreak ultimate level clearing havoc upon the little brain damaged dudes. Use your mouse to play the game.

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