Scooby is back on the ramp again and this time he brings Shaggy with him in this new Big Air challenge in the snow! Start studing down the ramp by using the down arrow key. Then use the left or right arrow keys when reaching in the middle of the ramp to continue in this direction until Scooby or Shaggy take off of it. When Scooby or Shaggy is airborne press the up arrow key to increase its speed and height. Then, when he begins to descend press the down arrow key to increase his downward speed.  When back on the ramp press the left and right arrows depending on the direction Scooby or Shaggy is sliding to. Repeat these steps to help Scoony and Shaggy jump higher and higher. Your sens of coordination will allow Scooby Doo and Shaggy to reach big air. Your 3 tries add up to make your total score. Make your show on the snow!

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