If you learn to skate the vert Half Pipe it is very hard to stop.The rush is intense and exhausting and the Pipe will give you a different experience every time! You have three locations to choose from in this exciting skateboarding game: a warehouse, the ocean beach and ice, ice, baby! The warehouse is a perfect location to hardcore skate and tweak every bone in your body in the all continuous search for "The animals chin". If your last name is Styles don't miss the opportunity to kick back in the sun and catch some sick air, Cab-style and pick the Ocean Beach. And the last but not the least option, Ice. Where did this idea emerged from? Well, as long as it is here, drop in and skate the sketchiest run of your life. Also, don't forget to pick a cool skateboard. The vert board tends to be a little bit larger than the street skate board, but this is also something you have to decide depending on what type of tricks you want to do. Have fun!